Our Work & Expertise

ARADA has profuse national and international experience in successful implementation of numerous projects in a diverse and dynamic development areas over the past thirty years. Our work includes but not limited to Humanitarian Assistance, Food and Nutrition, Third-Party Monitoring, Livelihoods, Education and Capacity Building/ Training. ARADA has vastly worked in fragile environments, emergencies and post-conflict settings to assist and rehabilitate communities. ARADA has substantive experience in delivering significant development services in the following major areas:

Humanitarian Assistance

In our decades long services, ARADA has provided vital support and aid to those affected by crises and disasters, such as natural disasters, conflicts, and displacement. We have worked tirelessly to provide essential resources, including food, water, shelter, and medical care, to those in need. Our goal is to alleviate suffering and help restore dignity and hope to those impacted by crises.

Food & Nutrition

Alongside our international partners, our Food & Nutrition service focuses on providing nutritious meals and addressing hunger and malnutrition in vulnerable communities.

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)

Our Third-Party Monitoring service ensures transparency and accountability in humanitarian and development programs – providing unbiased evaluations and assessments to promote effectiveness and impact.

Rural Rehabilitation

Our Rural Rehabilitation service aims to improve the livelihoods and well-being of rural communities through sustainable agriculture, water and sanitation, and infrastructure development.


ARADA has vastly worked to empower individuals and communities to create sustainable livelihoods through vocational trainings, entrepreneurship, and income-generating activities.


Our education service works to ensure access to quality education for all, particularly in crisis-affected communities.

Capacity Building & Trainings

Capacity Building & Trainings have been pivotal to provide skills and knowledge development for individuals and organizations to improve the delivery and effectiveness of humanitarian and development programs.

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